Sin Chai village
Sin Chai village is 30 kilometers trekking from Sapa town, it located at the foot of Fansipan Mountain, 'the roof of Vietnam and Indochina'.  From here you can enjoy huge stunning landscapes before climbing up on the way a jeep to return to Sapa.
Sin Chai is a village of the Dao ethnic people, whose women wear beautifully embroidered clothes with distinctive silver jewellery and an enormous red turban.

The trek is short but the stay in Sin Chai allows for cultural acclimatization. Sin Chai is a community village. Here the locals will take the time to teach textile weaving and dying, will take the group on a locally built trail to explain the names and function of the local flora. There will be the opportunity to participate in the village community, there will be a traditional sporting activity and tree planting.

The village offers an amazing vista across the valley.