Travel to Sapa: Cat Cat village for trekkers
Travel to Sapa, unspoiled landscapes and steep paths merge together in Cat Cat village, making it a desirable destination for trekkers seeking to spend full days walking in a world of natural charms and tranquility.
Travel to Sapa, one must be in good health to trek to the cultural village, which is nestled in a beautiful valley about three kilometers south of the famous resort town of Sapa Vietnam in the northern province of Lao Cai Vietnam.

The road from Sapa winds through hilly terrain, past terraced paddy fields. A signboard with "Welcome to Cat Cat Cultural Village" greets visitors as they arrive at the entrance to the village.

The path from this entrance leads to every corner of Cat Cat village. A leisurely walk within the old village provides visitors with a better understanding of the traditional customs and practices of the ethnic group H'Mong who live there.

While wandering around the village, remember to stop for a while to ask locals about the crafts, life and houses. Traditionally, H'Mong people use wood to build their houses and roof the building with sawn timber. The house usually consists of three rooms with three doors, the main door is only opened when H'Mong people organize major events.

Women sit by looms, weaving colorful tho cam (ethnic fiber) fabrics featuring flowers and other designs, which they will dye and embroider. The H'Mong people are also skilled at making gold and silver jewelry which can be purchased in Cat Cat village and other travel places in Sapa Vietnam.

Travel to Sapa, further into the village are waterfalls and a stream weaving its way through boulders, hills and mountains. The pristine stream is spanned by a suspension bridge which offers a good viewing point for the waterfalls and mountains.

The path from the bridge passes through bushes of bamboo and wild flowers, past  brooks that murmur down to the stream creating sweet symphonic rhythms on their way.

For those too tired to walk back to Sapa, hon da om (motorcycle taxi) drivers are willing to provide a ride back to town.