A transquil bay on the central coast
A transquil bay on the central coast
Waves lapping against the shores and coral reefs swaying gently in the ocean are two of the sites enjoyed by tourists traveling to Vinh Hy, a small bay nestled on the central coast of Vietnam.
The gentle waves and breezes blowing in from Ninh Thuan Province appeals to holiday goers looking to immerse themselves in nature and tranquility.

The bay's numerous islets have been shaped through the years by winds and waves into a number of unique figures. An islet known to locals as Tai (ear), is known to tourists as Rua due to its turtle-like appearance from a distance. Nearby, one will find a rock resembling a hand with fingers stretching to the sky.

Boat tours of the bay will give visitors an opportunity to observe fishermen catching cod. Nguyen Quoc Nam, a tour guide from Ninh Thuan Tourism Co., told the Daily that Vinh Hy Bay has the largest codfish population. Visitors can recognize which boat harvested the largest volume of codfish last season by the height of the boat's flag. Peak season for harvesting codfish is April.

Nam says that the cod fishermen always place offerings and burn incense at a little temple onshore at the beginning of the harvest season to pray for good harvests, good luck and safety.

The temple is located 42 kilometers northeast of Phan Rang Town on a beach covered with colorful stones and can be reached by boat.

Ba Dien (crazy woman) and Coc (toad) are two beaches suitable for swimming on sunny days when the weather is warm. These unspoiled beaches are also good for those interested in deep-sea diving and swimming.

Visitors who are not strong swimmers should wear a life jacket because the sandy beach immediately leads to deep waters. Another good option for those not inclined to swim is to stay onshore and nosh on fresh shrimp, squid, fish, snails and other seafood.

Visitors to Vinh Hy Bay must make time to view coral reefs from a glass-bilge boat or through a diving tour. The bay is home to more than 300 species of coral whose colors shine brightly on a sunny day. The best time to view the coral reefs is during the summer when the sun shines and the sea is calm.

In the spring, hoa mai vang (yellow apricot) and other wild flowers bloom between the cracks of the rocky mountains of Nui Chua National Park.

Organized package tours to Vinh Hy Bay can be booked through many travel agencies in HCMC including Saigontourist and Vietravel. Travelers can also head to Phan Rang by train or car and hire a motorbike taxi to the bay.

At the bay, visitors can hire a glass-bilge boat capable of accommodating 20 people for a two-hour voyage at VND750,000-800,000. Visitors can also buy a ticket on a boat for VND50,000.